The Freaky girls your Mama warned you about





   The Amazing Boobzilla is as unique a performer as her bizarre history could demand.  She was first drawn into the world of the Great American Sideshow at the tender age of six when her godmother took her to visit aging performers at a retirement home where she was a private nurse.  There she heard stories of a forgotten past from the people who lived them.  She was enraptured by the tales of strongmen, sword swallowers, tattooed ladies, snake charmers, belly dancers and talkers.

    At the age of eight she was lost at a county fair when she happened upon a bally where she saw a snake charmer performing.  It was the most beautiful thing she had ever witnessed.  Afterward she was approached by the lady who had noticed that she was without her parents.  She offered to take her to security when her father arrived and became abusive towards the “freak” who was looking after his daughter.

    Somewhere between the grace she had witnessed on stage and the compassion she had experienced afterward (even when under the judgment of a narrow mind); she had become forever altered by the experience.  From that point forward she strove to become one of the misunderstood antiheroes which she had come to idolize.  She greedily horded any scrap of history she came across in order to better understand them, and dreamed of a day when she would become a part of their unique fraternity.

    As she reached puberty she was diagnosed with an unique hormonal disorder know as Juvenile Gigantomastia a condition where the breasts grow at an abnormally rapid rate.  It was during this period where she discovered her ability to lift various objects using only her breasts.  Shortly thereafter her high school sweetheart dubbed her Boobzilla.

    While in high school she became involved in drama club and theater where she began to hone her stage persona.  During a particular sound check while tending to a faulty microphone stand she placed the microphone in her cleavage and began a kind of ventriloquist act with her boobs as the dummies.  Needless to say her instructors were rather unimpressed, however the act left her classmates rolling in the aisles.  It was there when the Amazing began to surface.

    After her high school years she began a long relationship with Denver Colorado's Elusive Ingredient; a nationally acclaimed Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast.  It was during this time when her career as a professional entertainer truly began.  She enjoyed her time re-enacting the roles of Magenta, Eddie and others.  Her onstage antics were the highlight of many nights which included the progenitor to her famed Boob Lift.  She was also officially given the name The Amazing Boobzilla by her cast mates during this period.

    She went on from that point forward seeking out various members of the sideshow community from which she began to learn the tricks of her trade. Including sideshow legend Red Stuart from who she learned the ancient arts of sword swallowing and snake charming.  There are less than a few dozen sword swallowers left actively performing in the world today, and she counts herself as one of this quickly dwindling number.

    She later moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma and eventually came to found her own troupe of postmodern vaudeville, sideshow, circus and magic entertainers known as the Carnival of Cleavage. 

    She performs a number of traditional sideshow stunts to which she puts her own unique flair. These include; the Human Blockhead, the Bed of Nails Iron Maiden, the Steel Hand, the Sanitarium Strip Tease, Target Bullwhipping, Fire Eating/Breathing, the Human Tip Jar, Sword Swallowing, and the most unique strong woman act in the history of sideshow.



Step right up and see the Electrifying Hexi Lee Voodoo! Alive, Dead, or somewhere in between, Hexi is guaranteed to "spark" your imagination!

    On a dark and stormy night this brunette bombshell met her demise. A slick road, Dead Man's curve, and a hot rod hearse don't mix. Luckily, twisted science and a little bit of black magic restored this curvy cutie to her go-go dancing glory!

    No staple or suture can keep this buxom beauty out of the spotlight!  Whether it's welcoming you to the event as the gorgeous door girl, assisting bands and promoters, or selling you merchandise at a booth; this little lady knows the show must go on.  Now our favorite vamp has jumped from behind the scenes to upfront and on stage.

    Marvel as she seduces you as the Perfect Assistant in the Carnival of Cleavage. Prepare to be in awe as this sultry undead angel displays her Burlesque and pin-up modeling.  Never let this pretty face fool you, Hexi Lee Voodoo is a force to reckoned with!


   Hi! As the Delightful Merry, my job with the Carnival of Cleavage is to bring Modern influence to one of the most seductive arts of all time...Burlesque!

    I joined the Carnival of Cleavage in January of 2009 and have enjoyed rockin' the stage with the troupe ever since! I also co-founded and perform with the 7 Deadly Sins Revue (formerly Dust Bowl Dolls Burlesque - check it out at

Currently I'm about to graduate from college.  I am enrolled in an automotive academy because I love old cars and motorcycles and am trying to learn more about fixing them (I just bought a '52 Buick Roadmaster and am practicing pinstriping!!)  I love politics, sewing burlesque costumes, latex, writing, and dancing.  I also do some pin up modeling.  Find me at Atomic Pin-Up, Retro kitten, and Model Mayhem.  I'm also listed at and  I've won a few small pin-up competitions but nothing major...yet!


    Hi!  I'm Pasha Yanina,  a dancer for Carnival of Cleavage.  I'm from San Marcos Texas and moved up to Dallas over 5 years ago.  Even though I live in Texas, I still come out to perform with the rest of the C.o.C. girls in Oklahoma.  

   I started exotic dancing over 17 years ago and I'm still kicking ass to date.  My goal is to one day be a well rounded performance artist and well known fire belly dancer.  My deepest passions are fire dancing, belly dancing, and clothing design.  I have a love for the strange/comical, and my current project with the C.o.C. is to get into comical burlesque.  I also currently perform a captivating Isis Wing dance that have left people speechless.



*Bio soon to come!*

Lady Sable is currently on leave of absence, but plans to return soon as possible.