The Freaky girls your Mama warned you about

         See what the Press had to say bout the C.o.C.!

    The Carnival of Cleavage has been featured in local rags such as Tulsa World, Urban Tulsa and the OKC Gazette and mentioned in OKC independent arts publication NONzine.             Most recent publication was found in the Feb. 2010 issue of Darfaery Subculture Magazine.

 The Freaky Girls your Mama warned you about!                                                                     Feb. 2010-    

Move aside burlesque troupes, there's a new girly show in town...

The Carnival of Cleavage is a fascinating performance troupe that has taken Oklahoma underground by storm, setting the watermark for true Vaudevillian entertainment in this day and age. Their mission as a burlesque and Vaudeville inspired Sideshow is to seek out and embrace female empowerment; and through performances to release their inhibitions and allow their creativity and natural beauty to shine.

Despite their name, breasts are not the main attraction.  

"It takes more than cleavage to make a woman," - Boobzilla.  

The Amazing Boobzilla and the Sadistic Minx Darkkitty are the primary cast members that bring jaw-dropping sideshow stunts and illusions to the stage that provide  both magic and mayhem on top of a good laugh.  Occasionally they feature other guest performers such as belly dancers, sideshow performers, or burlesque entertainers.  Though regardless of the number of acts they have on stage, the audience is guaranteed to have a phenomenal time.

“There are several factors that make our shows unique and thrilling.  The constant effort to bring physical comedy, the art of tease, and our courage to display ourselves on stage genuinely enjoying the show,” - Darkkitty.  

“Women take on so many roles in life...too many at times where we lose ourselves.  The Carnival of Cleavage is a way for women to celebrate everything they are without compromising their identity," - Boobzilla.

The original creator and ringleader is the force that defeated duct tape, the pain proof, The Amazing Boobzilla.  The Amazing Boobzilla is a true inheritor of the traditional sideshow learning her trades under carnies from a memory's forgotten past. Her signature routine requires using her incredible 38 NN bust in one of the most unique strong woman routines in the history of sideshow.  She has accomplished lifting chairs, cinderblocks and even a midget using only her massive mammaries.

Co-founding the show is the evocative, magical, sadistic minx, Darkkitty performs sights and illusions that baffle the mind and keep you on the edge of your seat.  Mentored by Bizzaro the Optical Illusionist, Darkkitty performs a number of dazzling feats of prestidigitation. Though she is relatively new to sideshow performance, Darkkitty wasted no time in making a big impression on her fans with exotic acts such as Razor blade consumption.

These two women have the ability to make you scream with delight meanwhile leaving you wanting more.  When attending one of their shows, be prepared to bring a loud voice and plenty of're going to need them.

They have recently embarked on series of monthly variety shows which have their own unique theme and guest performers. It's their mission with these shows to bring the best in local and regional entertainers which might otherwise go unnoticed or become lost in the shuffle.

More information about these lovely women and when you can see them perform can be found on their website or their Myspace page