The Freaky girls your Mama warned you about

                         Frequently Asked Questions

I've read through the site, and I still don't quite understand what you girls are or what you do.  Is this a sex show?

 Absolutely not! We are an all female cast of uniquely skilled women that perform an array of Sideshow, Comedy, Theater and Magic.  Our mission is to embody female beauty in all of the shapes and sizes that they come in, versus upholding the media's definition of what is perfection, sexy, and beautiful.

We do feature Burlesque and Belly Dancing acts to compliment the amazing talent we have currently.  We don't feature sex, as that would objectify us instead of putting us in a position of gaining respect and admiration from all of our family, friends and fans.

I'm on the fence about booking your troupe, since my event will be all ages and there will DEFINITELY be children there.  I like the concept of your show, but we can't obviously have children seeing breasts on stage.  Can you and how do you work around these areas of concern?

 Without a doubt!  The Carnival of Cleavage has entertained at many events that were all ages, indoors or outdoors.  We understand that reputations as well as child upbringing are very important and must be respected.

Our show is widely known on compromising on "iffy" areas such as performer names, jokes, and of course partial nudity to make sure that boundaries will be respected and honored while still preserving a unique opportunity of entertainment for your event.  Feel free to speak to us openly about your concerns, and we will work hard to create a positive solution for everyone. 

What kind of shows or events do you perform for?

We perform for all kinds of shows and events from children friendly to adults only.  Our performances can be contoured accordingly to the type and needs of the event.

How do I book your show to perform for our event?

Easy!  Just contact us by email, we are happy to negotiate a show with/for you.  The best contact email for us would be

Who do I need to talk to about booking?


 How much does it cost to book you for a show?

it depends on location, what type of event and duration of performance(s). The best way to get this answer is by negotiating with Boobzilla.

What are the main acts of the show?

We are a variety show full of Stunts, Sideshow, Comedy and Optical Illusions.

Are all your stunts, swords and fire real?

Yes, all stunts and fire performed is real and are performed live by each performer.

How do you girls swallow swords, eat fire, walk on glass and do all of those other dangerous stunts?

We do them very well, thank you! ;)

 Where are you guys located?

The majority of our cast is based out of Oklahoma City and Tulsa area.  We also have rotational cast members or featured guests from Missouri and Texas.

Do you travel out of state or go on tour?

Occasionally we do go out of state.  If you are wanting to book us out of state please feel free to contact us for price negotiations.

Do you ever have guest performers in your show?

Yes, contact us if you are a performer and would like to guest perform.

I'm interested in getting involved, how do I do this?

If you're interested in joining the C.o.C. gals, contact us with your talent, pictures and resume and we can arrange an audition.  If you are interested in getting involved but don't want actually be onstage as a performer then simply let us know this in your e-mail and tell us what you can offer.  The best contact email for us would be:

 How much weight can The Amazing Boobzilla hold with her breasts? 

About 60 lbs.

Are Boobzilla's breasts real?

 Yes! 100% real baby!

Still have a question that's not covered here? 

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