The Freaky girls your Mama warned you about




                        About this group of fantastic women..                           














     The Carnival of Cleavage is a "Post Vaudeville" variety show, which includes elements of the circus arts, physical comedy, sideshow, stage magic, burlesque and punk cabaret. The principal members of our troupe include "The Force That Defeated Duct Tape" The Amazing Boobzilla and "The Electrifying" Hexi Lee Voodoo.

  Although sex appeal is ready and abundant in our troupe, our primary focus is to showcase women of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes performing death-defying stunts, dazzling illusions, scintillating dance numbers, hilarious comedy routines, having a good time; and being comfortable in their own skin while doing so.

   "You can call it feminism if you like, but it's really much more than that. Our show is for all those girls who were made fun of for being smart, chubby, geeky or weird by the status quo. Now that they've grown up, they are here to let you know 'Anything you can do, we can do better!'" - The Amazing Boobzilla

    We also support a large rotational cast of performers, including; fire performers, belly dancers, musical acts, burlesque performers, clowns, aerialists, jugglers, stilt walkers, magicians, contortionists, escapologists, human oddities, and much more.

  We can cater our show to your specific needs. From Night Clubs, taverns and saloons to theaters, conventions, and festivals; we have something to offer your venue.